In this project, the goal was to create a timeline with typography that reflects the theme. The topic of the timeline is the evolution of the instruments/devices used to listen to music and major technology changes in the way we access music, over the last 150 years.

I wanted a round, geometric and clean typeface to represent this information as I saw the pattern of circles in most of the musical devices. I used Laurenz Brunner's typeface, LL Circular, because it a is a geometric, sans serif font family which is a new take on a classic genre, Futura. It strikes a balance between functionality, conceptual rigour and measured idiosyncrasy. This friendly text font has both an unmistakeable character and near-universal appeal.

Group 18

The curve between the ascender and the bar of the letter 't' and the connection between only the letters 'f' and 'i' are the characteritic quirks of this typeface. 

Where else have you seen it?

The most famous examples of LL Circular in use are Airbnb(2014) and Spotify(2015). Both these companies have replaced LL Circular with their own in-house typeface now.


Interactive Prototype

This interactive prototype of the timeline was created by me using Figma. You can hover over the years and learn about what was the music technology used then. There are more circular surprises hidden in the time so go ahead and play with it! Unfortunately, Figma's viewfinder is not responsive so if you're viewing this on the phone you will not be able to interact with it.


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